Lionel Messi Foodball Player Biography


Lionel Messi Biography . A Great Footballer – Lionel Messi. Biography of Lionel Messi. The juggernaut of the football world. The son of a poor laborer, the most expensive player in the world. Lionel Messi – Short, High Flying, Billionaire Footballer. The journey of defeating the disease to become a legend. Messi breaks 21-year relationship … Read more

Biography of Cristiano Ronaldo 


Cristiano Ronaldo Biography (Biography / Life Story), Biography, Salary, Net Worth, Net Worth, Height, History, Records, Controversies, Religion, Awards, Current Team (Cristiano Ronaldo Biography) [Net Worth, Age, Wife, Girlfriend, Children, Instagram] Cristiano Ronaldo is related to football game and he is a very famous football player. Born in a poor family, Cristiano started playing football at … Read more