The Business of car racing game and whycar racing is treated like business

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But let’s back up a couple of months when I was working on the project to design the appearance of the Porsche GT3 Cup for the racer.

For this, first of all you have to find out whether car racing is suitable for you or not and the best way to find out is to drive a go kart and try it, it is such a small racing car that has a scalar bent and it is light weight. Is

By playing this you can find out whether car racing is right for you or not. You can take part in this and learn new experiences / things, because to become a best and good car racer you have to learn car racing on race track and practice it as much as possible.

In the beginning, you should be a part of car dressing instead of car racing because buying and maintaining a racing car is very expensive, you will be in the learning phase now so buying a cart or taking it on the run will be affordable.

The goal: A Design that fits the Swiss company ITRIS and is recognizable on the racetrack. That means to implement swiss ness, self-confident and professionally in the design. The chosen Design, reflects, the dynamic of the Brand ITRIS. The detailed grey angle on the bottom of the silhouette gives the car a more distinctive touch and dynamic look.

If I may, I want to share with you what I’ve learned at the race that I’ve applied to improve the efficiency of my Design Studio and was able to share with my clients.

It is no coincidence that many successful and leading auto racing team owners are also very successful entrepreneurs outside of the racing world. Bernie Ecclestone was a so-so driver, but later became a very smart team owner and also the President of Formula One Management among a number of other business ventures and enterprises that he also owns. Alfred Winkler, the Owner, and CEO of ITRIS build a very successful company over the years and has applied some of the traits from the racetrack into business and from business to race. So what are the traits that successful race drivers have that we can all apply to our own business?

1. Team Work: If you want to be the best, you need to surround yourself with the best team. The old cliché that “you’re only as good as your weakest link” is not only critical in racing but in all other businesses too. As it is the saying, you are the average of the five people you surround yourself.“ To build a team you can rely on and have the same drive as you do, and learn from each other. If you don’t have the absolute best team, you will always be settling for second place, or third, or fourth.

2. Focus! Have you ever focused at some point and your car has gone that direction? That is the same as when you are running your business. Those millimeters make the difference of running out of the track, touching the other car, or winning because you got the racing line right. When you focus on the racing line or where you want to go and avoid looking out to the gravel or the wheel pile the chance to stay on track are far greater. Especially when you are running at great speed and want to win the race.

3. Always Use the Right Tools for the Job. How many times have I used my reliable wrench as a hammer, or my flat head screwdriver to lift up an object. It just doesn’t work! No matter how many times you ask your accountant to manage a project, or your designer to become a programmer or your programmer to adjust the design, the truth is that you are setting yourself for failure. Get the right person for the job and trust their abilities and you will always set the course for the win.

4. Good Today is Better than Perfect Tomorrow. This is something I have been guilty too. Why do we wait for the last minute to create something, in the hope to be „perfect“, at the risk of missing a great opportunity and be the first shaker and first to market?
A better approach is to build a product that is only 80–90% good today and improve as we go. Being the first to make will help you in the long run. Better than been the last one and have a perfect product. Why? Because the market will make it perfect for you or your client.

5. Get Coaches. You want to be the best, learn from the best. As mentioned before, surround yourself with the best people. But also learn from people that have been where you are. In that case find a mentor or coach that will help you, improve your approach or give useful advice that will guide you towards your vision. Like many successful athletes, CEOs and in this case Racecar drivers, have a coach at their side to help them improve the time and support them mentally. I have been very fortuned to learn from the best, and I’m grateful to be able to keep on learning from them.

6. Forget Your Mistakes… Fast! I’m not saying to not make them, but to forget them fast and learn from them. As you see some drivers, going off track or missing a corner, some will still stay in that negative mindset and ponder over their mistakes. The result is, they make more mistakes as the race continuous and don’t focus on what is ahead of them. Mistakes can be made, but learn from them, and immediately regain your focus.
Develop a “short-term memory” and remain positive all the time.

7. Celebrate Your Team. No driver gets to Win by himself and no CEO or Owner, ever remains successful without the support of his team. Always reward your team when milestones are reached or when certain performance levels are met. Make them part of your success!
At Reframe we have a tradition that we celebrate each new project, no matter how small it is, as would it be the biggest project we ever had.

8. Delegation. If you are a driver and don’t trust your mechanics’ and the team you may have a rough time on the track and will not get far. As the saying goes: Want to go fast, go alone, want to go too far, go together.
Hire people that are better than you at what they do, and let them do their work. Give them guidance and you can focus on other tasks and what you have to do. Imagine you are racing, come to a pit stop, get out of the car and need to change your own tires. I don’t think that will work out for your favor.

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