Win a Chess Game on Every Move!


Chess is such a unique game which is not only known for exercise of brain but also sharpens your mind in today’s busy life.

Chess is a strategy game that teaches us a lot and it is believed that it was invented by the kings in India 1500 years ago.

This is a game of two players, with their own army, white soldiers on one side and black on the other.

In chess, there is one king, one queen, two elephants, two camels, two horses and eight pawns on either side so that they can do equal bukabala.

Will you do anything in life without any thought or objective?

So, whenever a game of chess is played, it’s the final one move which gives victory to a player who check mates the opponents king. Meaning, there is no legitimate move after king is attacked!

Number of Moves & Length of Chess Games

Now, chess games can vary from single digit moves to games with 100+ or even 200+ moves. Longest chess game that was played had 269 moves! Point here is the range can have lot of variations. Let it be a short game of say 20 moves or a long game of 120 moves, have you noticed one fact that winning move is only the last one. One needs to make multiple moves to get to the final winning move.

The Winning Move

At every move there isn’t any winner or loser declared. The idea or thought is to think on these lines — on every move we can’t expect to win. But with every move we can create chances and get closer a win.

Efforts & Realization in Life

Let us reflect this in life. While we study, it’s not that every day we will get marks. It will happen only when examination happens say twice a year. Let’s look at work or office, every day we go, put in efforts, do good work, but every day we will not get performance appraisal or increase in our salary. That shall happen only at year end. It’s the last one step which will take you at top of mount Everest but every step before that will take you closer.

Final Move seals win externally. Innumerous internal moves come before that!

Can you relate with these examples? Isn’t it that every minute, every day, every week & every month counts but the results or the outcome will come occasionally and not at all point of times! Say once in 6 months, or year or whenever there is an event or opportunity!

How Chess helps in Manifesting this Aspect in our Life

Final Move seals win externally. Innumerous internal moves come before that!

With chess, slowly and surely, we start understanding and appreciating this fact gracefully. We can easily extrapolate the idea of not to jump on conclusion with every bit. We accept highs and lows of life by raising our bar above the situation that’s around us.

Chess players will know better when to react or when to respond. With chess we learn an art to buy time. At times, we have few milli-seconds but at times we can hold on to our nerves, invest wisely by judiciously using more time.

In nut-shell chess teaches us that one move which in life is say one event, one transaction, one occasion, one day and so on is surely important but it’s not correct to expect a win at every small thing. So, we need not think or focus on instant gratification but shall focus on long term sustainable outcomes!

The main goal of chess is to check and defeat your opponent, the king. You cannot kill the king immediately, you have to capture the king first.

You have to trap the king in such a way that the king has no option left and the king accepts his defeat. And the player managed to do this, understand that he won.

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