Hockey Stick Making Business


This work called Hockey Sticks Manufacturing business can become a source of earning for any entrepreneur, because this hockey stick is used for playing hockey and probably everyone will be aware of this game called hockey in our country India because This game called hockey is the national game of our country.

Where earlier the attention of the people and the youth was less attracted towards sports, at present, due to sports, people get a chance to earn wealth, fame, so the attention of the youth of the country and their parents has also been attracted towards sports.

And people work hard and practice hard to get success in these fields. Hockey Sticks are also bought not only by players who play hockey but also by those who practice hockey regularly.

How to Make Hockey Sticks:

We have also told in the above sentence that hockey is the national game of India, yes it is a different matter that for the last few decades it is playing much less popular than cricket. But being a national sport, it has always been the priority of the Government of India to encourage the game of hockey as much as possible.

The way cricket bats are used in playing cricket, in the same way hockey sticks are used in hockey, since both the games are different, so the rules and methods of playing both are also different. Read this to know about the business of making cricket bats . At present, any sport, whether it is cricket, hockey, volleyball, football or any other sport, has immense possibilities, that is, any person can get everything that he expects from his life.

This is the reason that at present, along with sports like cricket, people’s attention has also turned towards hockey. Keeping these needs of the people in mind, when the work of making hockey sticks is done by a person for his earning, then this work done by him is called Hockey Sticks Manufacturing Business.

possibility of selling hockey stick
Since hockey is the national game of India, it is played only in India, this is not true at all. Rather, hockey is played in many countries of Holland, Germany, New Zealand, Eastern Europe and South America and there is a large population of players associated with hockey. Hockey Sticks manufacturing is done from mulberry wood, hence Hockey Sticks are made in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh as the availability of this wood is more in those areas.

By the way, this type of wood is found more in the areas along the canals, along the road etc. Apart from Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, mulberry trees are also found in some areas of Haryana, Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh.

The mulberry wood available in Punjab has high quality ductility which prevents cracking of the wood by resisting the shock while hitting the ball. By manufacturing good quality Hockey Sticks, the entrepreneur can not only earn by selling his product in the country but can also export his product to outside countries.

Required machinery equipment and raw materials:

Following is the list of main machinery and equipment used in Hockey Sticks manufacturing business.

Sawing machine with 10 HP motor which can cost from 2 lakh to 3 lakh.
Bending press which can cost from 90 thousand to 5 lakh.
Other tools and equipment
Some of the raw materials used in the Hockey Sticks manufacturing business are as follows.

Mulberry Blades
Cane handle
synthetic glue
pieces of ply
glue flakes
towel grip
colored cotton tape
white cotton tape
cloth for binding
dooco paint
C. Lacquer
cello tape
packaging material

Manufacturing process of Hockey Sticks:

In the Hockey Sticks manufacturing process, mulberry wood is first boiled in hot water for about six hours. After that it is tied in vice and molded in the press. After that the molded stick is dried and removed from the vice and saved in the blade.

The grade is selected by testing the grain line and inspecting the knots etc. In the Hockey Sticks manufacturing process, the cane handle is manufactured separately and then these two vices are tied to each other by applying gond and with the help of rope.

After that this stick is dried and emery paper etc. is wrapped, after that cloth or twine etc. is wrapped on it and the parchment is pasted by applying Chew paint. The towel or leather grip is then fitted over the handle. And Lacquer Polish etc. is done on the blade.

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