Table Tennis Game

The game of tennis is very interesting and it is not as easy as the game of badminton. There are two teams to play the game of tennis, in which there are either one player on either side or there are doubles on both sides. The game of tennis first originated in France and was an indoor game but later it was played in the open and became famous as lawn tennis. A tennis racket is used to play lawn tennis, which has a handle and is made of strings in the middle. Tennis balls are light, hollow and round.

The game of tennis involves hitting the ball with a racquet into the opponent’s court across the net, and a point is awarded if the opponent is unable to hit the ball with the racket or the ball remains in his court after taking the pitch. A game is won when more than 40 points are scored and a set is won if more than 6 games are won. Tennis has also been included in the Olympic Games. It requires a high degree of skill to play.

Tennis is a very interesting sport. This is because playing tennis is really good, and it requires a lot of high-end skills. At the most, only two persons are required to play. Playing tennis is really elegant. I once saw a movie about playing tennis called Wimbledon. The gesture of playing tennis was so beautiful that it caught my attention. The actress, Kirsten Caroline Dunst, was good at playing tennis. She wore a tennis jacket that was graceful, elegant and charming.

I have found tennis to be a very good sport since watching this movie. The angle of serving the balls is a high tonneau art. Playing tennis is not as easy as playing badminton. But as soon as I learn to play tennis, I love it. Angle control is a very important skill in playing tennis. Any minor changes will affect the mark of the ball. So learning how to control the angle becomes the main factor in success or failure. It’s so exciting that I enjoy it so much. Tennis is a popular sport.

It’s not like volleyball or baseball that a team needs to scratch. When I want to play it, I just need one person to play with me. This is a very convenient game. I can only play it with my sister. This is the last reason why tennis happens to be my favorite sport. In short, tennis is not only easy to play but also an elegant sport that requires skill. This is the best way to relax. I will continue to practice it consistently!

Table tennis is an outdoor sport played outside the home. This is a game that is popular all over the world. The game of table tennis gained the most fame and made its place in the Olympic Games very early. Since then, the tennis game has been counted as one of the Olympic Games. Playing the game of table tennis is not easy. For this you need skillful skills. But this game is so interesting that people’s curiosity and passion increases for you to play it.

So today, through this article, we present you an essay on the interesting game of table tennis. In this essay you will get information on topics related to table tennis. Also, you can use this essay in your examinations as well.

Introduction – Table Tennis is the national sport of China. Which is played by a total of 71 countries of the world. This sport has more dominance in Asian countries. When table tennis was introduced to play. At that time the game was known as Ping Pong. Along with this, this game is already played indoors. Also table and tennis ie rackets are not used in this game. At that time a game called ping pong was played by tossing the ball with the hand. But as the popularity of this game increased. Many changes were made from the name of the game to the rules. After which this game is now played by millions of people in the name of Table Tennis.

History of Table Tennis Game – According to historians, the origin of the game of table tennis is considered to be from France in the 12th century. When this game was known as indoor game ie the game played under the roof. In history table tennis was played by hand. In which the ball was essential. At that time this game was called jiu di paumen or palm game. Over time, when people started liking this activity, the game changed and in the 16th century, rackets were used in this game. Since then this game came to be known as Tennis. The 19th century marked the beginning of a new and bright history of the sport in England. For the first time, the wooden racket device was included in this game. Lawn tennis was born in the last years and the sport became famous all over the world.

Table Tennis Game – In modern times table tennis game is played by sets. The game is played as two (singles) or four (doubles). There can be three, five and seven sets in this game. Whoever wins two or three sets is declared the winner. A player must score 11 points to win a set. There are four main competitions in table tennis globally. Which are as follows Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, US Open. These competitions are called Grand Slams.

Table Tennis Equipment – ​​The important equipment used in Table Tennis game are as follows –

Table: The table girl required for this game can be made of any metal, aluminum or glass, etc. This table needs to be solid and flat. The length of this table is 2,74 meters and the width is 1,52 meters. The white line is used to separate the serving sides of the player at the table. The end of the table is also covered with this white line.

Network: A network is installed over the table itself. Which is in contact with the bottom of the table. At a height of 15,25 cm from the table, this net keeps equal distance from each side.

Ball: The ball has also been used mainly in the history of the game of table tennis. Thus the ball has importance in the present day table tennis as well. This ball can be made of celluloid or similar girl. Whose weight is 2.47 grams and diameter remains 44mm.

Rackets: Table tennis rackets can be of any size, shape and metal. But it is advisable to make them exclusively of 85% wood. The thickness of these racket blades is not less than 7.5 or 0.35%.

Epilogue: The curiosity of playing table tennis remains high in the world as well as in the country of India. There are famous table tennis players in India like Sania Mirza, Mahesh Bhupathi etc. Who has been increasing the country’s fame in the Olympic competition of table tennis. This game is so interesting that people always have the desire to play this game at a higher level.