BasketBall Game

Many types of sports are played in India, of which basketball is also a sport. It became popular very soon. A ball is played through baskets placed in the opposite direction. There are 2 teams in this game. In which there are five players. The color of basketball is orange. Its cart measures 28/15 meters and is divided into two halves. Both these carts have baskets at a height of 10 feet, in which the ball has to be put. His mouth is open from both the sides. This sport was started in 1891 and in 1892 women also participated in it.

This game is played for 10 to 12 minutes. Players of the team take the ball dribbling to the other side and pass it to each other. They then have to put the ball into the basket while saving it from the opposing team. If the ball goes into the basket, they get a point. Throwing a ball into the basket fetches 2 points and sometimes even 3 points, more points when the ball is thrown from a shorter distance.

In the game of basketball, a fault is caused by wrongful bodily harm to a person on the opposing team, which benefits the player of the other team. There is a uniform for the players which consists of shorts and jersey. Players wear high-up shoes that support their ankles.

The game of basketball is very interesting. From time to time, basketball competitions are organized in schools and colleges also. It has to be tight to play.

In the game of basketball, if someone wrongfully inflicts bodily harm or injury to a person of the opposing team, it is a fault for that team and its benefit goes to the player of the other team. For this game, players are given a uniform, which includes shot and jersey, and the players are also dressed in high shoes.


Basketball is a very popular sport. In this game there are 5-5 players in each team. Playing this game brings agility in the body and it is played with great enthusiasm. Exercise is done in a very great way through this game. For this there is also entertainment, this game is played by the youth only because it requires a lot of energy.

Description of Basketball

The first game of basketball was played in 1891. This is a very nice circular ball. Which is played against each other, which team puts the ball into the basket first. That team gets points.

Each team wants to have a name, and it takes to the field of play with a strategy called traffic. A common man protects his team’s policies and plays the game with that.

In this, players try many types of shorts. Like jump shot, set shot, lay up and so on, Islam dunk is another precise shot, which is played very well. The way of playing this shot is completely different, which is very attractive.

This is an outdoor game. It is played inside a court. Basketball is the most famous of the Olympics. There is no gender barrier in this game, it can be played by both men and women.

Basketball is also fed in many prisons, also called prison basketball because it is very good exercise for the human body, that is why it is fed everywhere.

benefits of playing basketball

  • Basketball also generates love among its players and also promotes cardiovascular health, which is very important. With this, heart health can be taken care of in a very good way. This proves to be very helpful because the heart rate increases due to this sport and it prevents the risks of other heart diseases.
  • This sport is a very good way to burn calories and it is very effective because it requires continuous running, which keeps the internal body very healthy. Because of this, calories are reduced very much, which means obesity is reduced.
  • Due to basketball, the bones of the players become strong because they also generate physical energy, due to which strength is created in the bones. Whatever the muscles that are working against the bones, they provide excellent strength to the muscles and bones of the players due to the constant action.
  • There are many health benefits of playing this game, it also reduces stress because it has to be played very carefully. So much focus is put in it that one forgets one’s stress and it reduces the stress level, due to which one comes out of depression and the immune system is also boosted.

basketball tournaments

  • basketball world cup game
  • Basketball Games at the Olympics
  • American tournament games like NBA Argentina League LNB
  • italian league games
  • european league games
  • spanish a c b league game

basketball playing process

A ball is given to the two middle teams. The ball is placed in the center, then a whistle is played. There are baskets in both places, in which the ball is to be put, this ball is put into that basket by bypassing or dribbling.

If a team puts the ball in that basket, it gets 2 points. If she moves to the other team, she is put outside the three point art, which is equal to 3 points. If someone causes bodily harm to someone, it is a fault against that team. This game is played for 10 to 12 minutes. Every single second in this is very precious. The other team stops this ball against the team so that it does not put the ball in the basket. If she tries her best, she gets points if she goes to the bowl basket.

If you want to understand all these tournaments and this game well, then you should watch this game on TV or anywhere because there is a lot of difference between reading and watching it, which makes you very easy. Will understand.


Basketball is a very entertaining game. This is an outdoor game. It is a lot of fun to play it. There are 2 teams in this game, which are different. They play against each other, the team with the most points wins. It is also played at the international level and most of it is played in the Olympics.

Basketball This game is very interesting as well as a means of entertainment. Competitions of this game are also organized in many schools and colleges.

By playing this game, the body is exercised. Today all the people in the world have started liking this game.