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Lionel Messi Biography . A Great Footballer – Lionel Messi. Biography of Lionel Messi. The juggernaut of the football world. The son of a poor laborer, the most expensive player in the world. Lionel Messi – Short, High Flying, Billionaire Footballer.

The journey of defeating the disease to become a legend. Messi breaks 21-year relationship with FC Brasilia. Messi bids farewell to FC Barcelona. Lionel Messi Success Story . Inspirational Biography of Lionel Messi.

Messi’s emotional farewell to FC Barcelona. Lionel Messi Age Family Wife Children and Favorite Things. Lionel Messi Lifestyle House Income Car collection Private Jet and Net Worth. Diet Plan and Fitness of Lionel Messi. Lionel Messi – Instagram Facebook Twitter and Official Website

A Legendary Football Player – Lionel Messi
‘s journey to becoming a legend after defeating illness

 “We can do anything, if We Believe in Ourselves”

        A kid who loved playing football. He loved football very much. He used to improve himself day by day. He was improving himself every day. At the age of just 9, he became such a player. To whom if the football comes. So the rest of the players are playing with him. It would have taken 15-15 minutes to snatch the football from him.


      Seeing his game, the local public started tossing coins in joy. To his family, his future in football was clearly visible. He was very happy with his life. He was living it with enjoyment. He wanted to grow up to be a Professional Footballer. Wanted to play for my country. But then something happened. Which neither he nor his family members expected.

   How important is Messi to football players? Know about this. It seems from this point. A few years ago, just because of Messi, the Argentine government had to make a special rule. Because of which no parent in Argentina could name their child Messi. 

     The government was starting to feel that because of Messi being very famous. There will be so many kids named Messi. That later can lead to an identity crisis. Looking to the future. The government announced this. For a while, you can’t name your kids Messi. Well, everyone knows Messi’s name and records. But for Messi to be Messi, the pain he had to go through. Only Messi knows that pain.

     Through Messi’s football skills. He has crores of fans all over the world. This great and talented footballer has been a role model for football fans and players over the years. Barcelona FC has got a different identity today because of this great football title. His football skills are so amazing. People flock to watch his game.

    Messi’s football skills made us interested in his background and success story. Of course for Messi, he had his limits. But to overcome them, he used to make constant efforts. Thanks to these efforts, he is today one of the most famous, highest paid and best football players in the world.

A Great Footballer Lionel MessiEk Nazar
Full Name (Full Name)Lionel Andres Messi
Surname(Nick Name)Leo, Atomic Flea, La Pulga, La Pulga Atomica, Macedona
date of birth(Date of Birth)24 June 1987
birth place(Birth Place)Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
FatherJorge Horacio Messi (steel factory worker)
MotherCelia Maria Cuccittini
educational qualification(Educational Qualifications)nobody
ProfessionArgentine professional footballer
Siblings● Rodrigo Messi (Big)●MTS Messi (Small)◆ Maria Sol Messi (younger)
WifeAntonella Rocazzo (Model and Dietician)
wedding date (Marriage Date)30 June 2017
children(Children)◆ Thiago Messi Rocazzo (son)◆Matteo Messi Rocazzo (son)◆Ciro Messi Rocazzo (son)
debut(Debut)International – 4 August 2004 against HungaryClub – 16 October 2004 against Espanyol
position (Position)forward
turning-point(Turning Point)On scoring a hat-trick against Madrid in 2007
jersey number (Jersey No.)10
coach / mentor(Coach)●Salvador Aparicio (Childhood Coach)● Frank Rijkaard●Pep Guardiol
income(Income)$80 million 
Network(Net-Worth)$835 million

Early Life and Family of Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi was born on 24 June 1987 in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. His full name is Lionel Andres Messi. Messi fans fondly call him Leo, Atomic Flea, La Pulga, La Pulga Atomica, Macedona. His father’s name is Jorge Horacio Messi. who worked as laborers in a steel factory. 

     His mother’s name is Celia Maria Cuccittini. Who used to work as house service. Messi also has two brothers. In which the elder brother is Rodrigo Messi. His younger brother’s name is Matias Messi. He also has a sister, Maria Sol Messi.

    Although there was a shortage of money in Massi’s house. But his father was determined. That he will give every facility to his child. Which will take him forward in the future. As a child, Messi used to go to play with his older brothers. As a child, Messi was very fond of his grandmother. His grandmother also supported him all the time.

      At the behest of his grandmother, he was also given a football kit for the first time. At that time it was only his grandmother’s. Who wanted Messi to become a footballer. It was he who first got him enrolled at Granddolly, a local football club, at the age of 4. Along with this, he had also said this. Leo one day you will be the best footballer in the world.

Lionel Messi’s Struggle Football Journey

Messi joined his first football club, at the age of 4. Then at the age of 8, he started playing for Newell’s Old Boys, a football club in his hometown Rosario. By this time, the game of football had become as important to Messi as breathing. He used to practice day and night without getting tired.

     Football itself had become an inspiration for him. When Messi was 10 years old. Then his grandmother passed away. Messi was in shock. He did not even touch the football for several days. But then on his father’s persuasion, he started playing football again. Even today when Messi scores. So, raising both your hands, definitely remember Dadi.

      After his football training, in whatever time he had left, Messi used to serve tea and coffee at a shop. So that we can give some financial help to our family. At the age of 11, Messi faced a big challenge. When he was diagnosed with a serious disease Growth Hormone Deficiency. Which stopped the growth of his height.

       In order to cure this disease, the process and treatment was needed. It was very expensive. Financially, Messi’s family was not that capable. That he could bear the burden of such an expensive treatment. Even after such disorder, Messi never became despondent and disappointed.


       He never let the level of his game drop. He was still playing pretty good football, compared to boys his age. The cost of Messi’s treatment was approximately $1500 per month. Messi was rejected by River Plate Club of Argentina.

      For Messi, what could have been more demoralizing. But still Messi never gave up. Even in the midst of challenges, he never let his morale down. Neither gave up and always kept trying to move forward. Despite life’s great challenges, Messi always remained optimistic.

What is Growth Hormone Deficiency?

Height difference which varies from person to person. This is basically due to a hormone. Which we call Growth Hormone. Chinese endocrinologist Choh Hao Li discovered it in 1966. The structure of human growth hormone is a protein. Which is made up of 191 amino acids.

     Growth hormone is that substance of our body. Which controls our growth. Growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland. If in children or adults, this hormone is produced in very high quantity. So unwanted increase in his height starts. This disease is called Gigantism. Under secretion of Growth Hormone causes dwarfism. In this disease, the production of growth hormone is very less. Due to which, their height remains very small. This disease is called Dwarfism.

Lionel Messi – Debut
at FC Barcelona

The story of Messi and his struggle had reached Barcelona. Someone made FC Barcelona director Carles Rexach aware of his talent in football. Then he put a condition that if this player turns out to be talented. So all his expenses will be borne. But he would have to leave Argentina and come to Spain. Messi moved to Barcelona with his parents.

      Carles Rexach watched Messi play. He felt that Messi had both the ability and the passion to become a great footballer. But in spite of all this, everyone was shying away from spending such an amount on a 13 year old child. Because Messi’s treatment and other expenses were very high.

      One day Messi’s father told coach Carles Rexach. Either you make a contract. Otherwise we go somewhere else. After much deliberation, they decided to invest in Messi. He kept the same, wrote the contract on a napkin. Also offered to take responsibility of Messi’s medical treatment. Messi was enrolled in the youth academy of the Barcelona club. Who was known for training excellent footballers and honing their talents.     

Lionel Messi very wisely decided to make good use of this opportunity. When he first went to the dressing room of the club. So everyone was doubting seeing his short stature. That skepticism turned to wonder, after 1-2 sessions. Messi quickly began to progress in the Barcelona system. Started improving my game. Meanwhile, his treatment was also going on. 7 days injections on one leg. Next 7 days on the other leg.

Lionel Messi – First International Match for Barcelona Club

In the year 2003, at the age of 16, Messi entered the playing ground for the first time for the Barcelona club. In front of them was the Porto team. In his very first match, he impressed the coach and the spectators. Despite being pushed constantly, he beat four defenders and scored.

      On 17 August 2005, aged just 18, he made his international debut against Hungary. After this he did not look back. He kept on hoisting the flags of success. When the great Argentine footballer Maradona saw Messi playing. So he announced. I have seen that player. who will take my place in Argentine football. His name is Messi. In his game, I see glimpses of mine.

Lionel Messi – Got Support of Great Footballer Ronaldo

Another good thing happened for Messi. He got a chance to train with such a wonderful and great player like Ronaldo . Ronaldo was very impressed with Messi’s game in those days. He also said about Messi. This boy will one day go ahead of me. Together, they led Barcelona to victory in many matches.

      Talking about Ronaldo says Messi. Like I’ve always said. I learned a lot from him. What he did for me taught me. I will always be grateful to him for that. I got a chance to share the dressing room with a great player like him. For this I always consider myself lucky. I will always remember his smile.

Lionel Messi
– Records and Achievements

Playing for the Barcelona club. Messi’s game was getting better and better year by year. He made Barcelona the champion for the third time in the season 2008-09, with his brilliant play. For scoring the most goals in a single year in 2012. Messi’s name was included in the Guinness World Records.

      He scored 91 goals that year. Germany’s great footballer Gerd Muller’s record was broken. Müller set this record in 1972, scoring a total of 85 goals in a year. At the age of 25, Messi became the youngest player to score his 200th La Liga goal. He set a record by becoming the first player to win four FIFA awards in a row.


     He is also the first player to win three European Golden Shoes. Messi on 16 February 2013, playing for the Barcelona club. Scored his 300th goal. He is the only player to score 300 goals in the Spanish La Liga. In the 2014 World Cup, it was under his captaincy that Argentina reached the final. For his stellar performance, he was awarded the Golden Ball award.

   In 2019, Forbes ranked number one on the list of Highest-Paid Athletes with total earnings of $127 million. Apart from this, Messi made many records on the basis of his brilliant game. It will not be so easy for any player to break them.

Lionel Messi – List of Records and Achievements

Lionel MessiAwards and Honors
2005spanish leagueSpanish SupercupUEFA Championship LeagueFIFA U-20 World Cup top scorer
2006FIFPro World XIspanish leaguespanish cupSpanish Supercup
2007copa america tournament young playersFIFPro World XIU-21 European Player of the YearIFFHS World’s Team of the YearFIFA FIFPro World11
2008EFE Trophy (La Liga Best Ibero-American Player)olympic gold medalUEFA Championship LeagueFIFA FIFPro World11
2009Spanish SupercupFIFA Club World Cuptoyota awardFIFA Club World Cup Golden BallPichichi TrophyFIFA FIFPro World11
2010Pichichi TrophyFIFA FIFPro World11
2011Pichichi TrophyFIFA FIFPro World11
2012Pichichi TrophyFIFA FIFPro World11
2013Pichichi TrophyLa Liga Player of the Year
2015La Liga Player of the Year
2016Pichichi Trophy
2017Pichichi Trophy
2018IFFHS World’s Team of the YearPichichi Trophy
2019IFFHS World’s Team of the YearPichichi Trophy
2020Champion for Peace and SportsLaureus World Sportsman of the YearIFFHS CONMEBOL Team of the YearPichichi Trophy
2021Sport International Values ​​Award

Messi – Affairs & Marriage

Messi’s girlfriend name is Antonella Rocazzo. Who is a model and dietician by profession. With whom he had a relationship for many years. They also had two children. Whose name is Thiago Messi. He was born on 2 November 2012. The second child is Mato Messi Rocazzo. Who was born on 11 September 2015.

       Messi married Antonella Rocazzo on 30 June 2017, after dating for several years. Both these children were born before their marriage. After their marriage a daughter was born. Whose name is Ciro Messi Rocazzo.

Establishment of Leo Messi Foundation

Messi is not just a great footballer. Apart from this, he is also an incredible philanthropist. Who has a keen interest in the development and betterment of children. For this reason, he established the Leo Messi Foundation in the year 2007.

      This foundation helps poor, helpless and needy children. Along with this, it also gives them a chance to move forward and bring out their talent.

Lionel Messi Income, Net-Worth & Lifestyle
Lionel Messi – Income, Net-Worth & Lifestyle

Messi earns $50 million every year. Which is ₹ 372 crores in Indian currency. Most of their income comes from Brand Endorsement. Messi endorses 40 brands. It takes $5 million to endorse a brand. Messi also earns a good amount of income from Instagram.  Messi takes $ 1 million to post a post on Instagram. In many of their cities, there are many hotels. They earn a good income from this too. Messi’s net-worth as of 2021 is $835 million. Which is ₹ 6261 crores in Indian currency.

    Messi’s house is in Bellamar, Barcelona. His house is in the shape of a football. The cost of this house is $12 million. He also has a collection of very expensive cars. Prominent among which are Pagani Zonda Tricolore, Ferrari F430 Spider, Range Rover SV Autobiography, Range Rover Sports DVR and Maserati Granturismo MC Stradale. Messi also has a private jet of his own. Whose cost is $15 million.

Comparison of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messiboth are great football players. It would not be fair to compare the two. Because both have their own talents and abilities. Which cannot be ignored. Nevertheless, a comparative study of both the players is being given here.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi
Nick NameRonnie, CR7Leo, Atomic Flea
Birth placeFunchal, PortugalRosario, Argentina
Weight84 kg72 kg
sweater no.710
Debut2003 against Kazakhstan2005 against Hungary
Total Matches 1030887
Yellow/ Red Cards131/1187/03
Net Worth$500 million+$600 million+
Market Value60 Million euro80 Million euro
Instagram263 Million Followers184 Million Followers

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Why did Messi leave FC Barcelona
Lionel Messi – Reason to Leave Barcelona

Lionel Messi left FC Barcelona at the age of 21. Messi has now said goodbye to his club. He tried to save this relationship in every way. But he could not succeed. Messi, at the time of his congratulatory farewell, repeatedly stated that he did not want to leave his club. For this, he is ready to cut his fee in half. But nothing happened on this also.

      In the year 1917, Messi renewed his contract with FC Barcelona. According to which, he was getting ₹611 crore every year. Done for 4 years, the deal was worth around ₹4000 crores. In which only the signing amount was ₹ 873 crore.

      After Covid, when the whole world started going down economically. In that case, FC Barcelona has a debt of around ₹8700 crores. While according to the new rules, this club has only ₹ 3335 crores to spend this season. According to the new rules of Spain’s football league La Liga. Any football club in Spain, on its players, coaches and support staff. Can spend only 70% of its turnover. 

     FC Barcelona’s player salary expenses account for 95% of its turnover, even without Messi. Which is more than the prescribed limit. That’s why Barcelona can do whatever they want. This was not possible at all. That he could not keep Messi even on half his salary. If only Messi played for Barcelona for free. Even then his expenditure would exceed his income.

         After bidding an emotional farewell to FC Barcelona. Messi is about to reach Paris, the capital of France. Where he is in talks with PSG, a famous club in France. According to a report, PSG can offer Messi ₹305 crore annually. Here too, Messi will go on almost half of his salary. In 2022, the World Cup of Football is to be held in Qatar.

Lionel Messi named best footballer of the world
for the 7th time Lionel Messi – World’s Best Footballer for the 7th Time

Messi leads Argentina to the title in the Copa America Cup in July 2021. in which he finished as joint top scorer, with four goals. While there he assisted in scoring five goals. Apart from this, Messi was also the top scorer for Barcelona in the Spanish league La Liga. Although the club finished in third place. He scored twice for Barcelona in the Copa del Rey final.

    In this way, Messi won the ‘Ballon d’Or’ award for the best footballer for the 7th time at the end of 2021. While this ceremony could not be held last year due to Kovid-19, every year since 1956, this award is given to the best footballer by the French football magazine ‘Ballon d’Or’.

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