Bihar’s women’s rugby team created history, won the national championship for the first time in the senior category


Bihar women’s rugby team has created history.Bihar women’s rugby team became champions by defeating West Bengal in the final of the 9th Senior National Rugby Championship on Sunday.Bihar won the title by defeating West Bengal 15-5 in the final held at Patliputra Sports Complex Kankarbagh on Sunday.In this match, Bihar’s female player Shweta scored 10 … Read more

Ice Hockey


Hockey is a sport played in an open field in which two teams compete with each other. Field hockey, ice hockey, bandy hockey and street hockey are different types of this sport. Out of which both ice hockey and field hockey are very popular in the world. In this game, players have to hit the hockey ball … Read more

Hockey Stick Making Business


This work called Hockey Sticks Manufacturing business can become a source of earning for any entrepreneur, because this hockey stick is used for playing hockey and probably everyone will be aware of this game called hockey in our country India because This game called hockey is the national game of our country. Where earlier the … Read more

How to use golf as a Business Strategy in 2022


Let’s assume you play and belong to a club. The obvious strategy is to show up early and ask to be connected with other members needing an extra person to complete a foursome. Over time, you gradually meet more and more members. It’s been said after you play golf with a person for a couple … Read more

Win a Chess Game on Every Move!


Chess is such a unique game which is not only known for exercise of brain but also sharpens your mind in today’s busy life. Chess is a strategy game that teaches us a lot and it is believed that it was invented by the kings in India 1500 years ago. This is a game of … Read more

Make Money by Playing Foodball


Sports is very important for our health. In today’s time, sports is such a way that people can entertain themselves and stay healthy too. In today’s time, in most homes, you will definitely find a person playing some or the other sports.  Because people are now coming to this area not only for entertainment but also to … Read more

How IPL became a Social Media Giant and changed Business in India


The Indian Premier League- or the IPL as it is more popularly known- is a mammoth enterprise. The league celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, and is bigger than ever. It has revolutionised the way cricket is played not only in the country, but globally as well. For a game that has been so far … Read more

Wasim Akram World Class Pakistan Cricketer

wasim akram

Wasim Akram (Punjabi, Urdu: وسیم اکرم; born 3 June 1966) is a former Pakistani left armfast bowler and left handed batsman in cricket, who represented the Pakistan national cricket team inTest cricket and One Day International matches. Akram’s career was brilliant Wasim Akram was the first bowler in the world to take 500 wickets in … Read more



9 runs and in the end that was probablythe difference.Knees pumping, he produced some of the greatest spells of fast bowling seenin Test cricket in modern times and could run through a side almost on his ownas he homed in on a full length on off stump, fist pumping in celebration at everywicket. I was … Read more