JEFF THOMSON Australian Cricket Player


Jeff Thomson was a freak of cricketing nature. In his pomp, he was anexceptional athlete with a suppleness and elasticity of frame enabling him todeliver the ball in a way which, if not unique, was certainly very rare, andmighty effective. Shuffling into a side-on position as he approached the crease,he started with his bowling arm … Read more

Alan Knott England Cricket Player


Alan Knott was one of the purest wicketkeepers there can ever have been. I onlyplayed alongside him in a couple of Tests during the 1981 Ashes but saw enoughof him over the years, as teammate, opponent or simply observing him on TV, toget the very real sense of a genius at work. His departure for … Read more

Legendary International Cricketer Kapil Dev

kapil dev

India have been blessed with many great batsmen and spin bowlers but theyhave often suffered from a shortage of great fast bowlers and all-rounders. But inKapil Dev they had one of each. Kapil’s pace was in fact never of the expressvariety (despite his nickname of the ‘Haryana Express’): fast-medium rather thanfast in his early years, … Read more